The World Sports Medicine Hall of Fame

The World Sports Medicine Hall of Fame was formed to give recognition to health care professionals in all fields of health services and medical professions, to include, but not limited to: Doctors, Nurses, Surgeons, Emergency Medical Personnel (EMT), Coaches, Healthcare Workers, First Responders, etc. This Hall of Fame also recognizes professional and amature atheletes in all sports to include but not limited to:
Martial Arts, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Skiing, Track & Field, Nascar, Boxing, Fencing, Bowling, etc.

To be recognized for induction into The World Sports Medicine Hall of Fame, the following requirements must be met.

Be a graduate of a nationally recognized University and School of Medicine.

Be certified and registered as a professional healthcare provider, registerd nurse, etc.

Have worked in your field of expertise for at least 10 years