The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame
Sokeship, Headfamilies, Headfounders,
Grandmasters Council

The WMAHOFSC oversees all testings, promotions, certifications and licensing under The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Testing and certification for dan ranks and titles is conducted by the president and executive testing board consisting of ten high ranking (9th and 10th Dan) executive board members.

Those appearing before the executive testing board for recognition of a system/style must present each board member with a synopsis of their system for review. Candidate should be mentally and physically prepared and also supply their own assistant (Uke) for demonstration purposes. Candidate must be prepared to answer any and all questions presented by board members and ready to perform a variety of self defense techniques against various reality based senarios and attacks.

Candidates who fail to pass their respective test will be given the opportunity to return at a later date to retest before the board. Those who pass and receive rank certification are bound to the rules, regulations and ethical standards under The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame and are expected to uphold the honor and integrity of TheWorld Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Testing and evaluations are conducted privately and closed to the public.