Code of Ethics:
1. Members of this organization are expected to obey all laws, rules and regulations pertaining to professionalism in conduct and general behavior.

2. Members will conduct themselves with respect to others (regardless of rank, title or other martial status) in such a way as to reflect the highest standards of respect, professionalism, honesty and integrity, which is the essence of martial courtesy toward others.

3. Members are expected to conduct themselves in a highly professional manner by putting aside personal differences and working together as a team for the overall betterment of the organization.

4. Members will protect the confidentiality of any and all sensitive information or material regarding the business affairs and discussions within this organization, to include The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, The World Sports Medicine Hall of Fame, The World Martial Arts Junior Hall of Fame, The World College of Martial Science and The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Sokeship Council.

5. Members are expected to conduct themselves inside and outside of this organization in such a manner as not to bring discredit or disgrace upon the president, its members or the organization itself.

6. Sexual harassment and discrimination will not be tolerated within this organization.

7. Members will not commit or engage in any unlawful acts to include, but not limited to: drug or alcohol abuse, manufacture of illegal drugs and/or controlled substances, child or spouse abuse, theft,

8. To avoid "Conflict of Interest" issues, members to include executive officers must get written permission from the president before considering joining another martial art organizations (Board of Directors or Executive Committees).

9. No member of this organization will use for advertisement, promotion or marketing any logo, trademark or copyrighted material under this organization for personal profit, recognition or gain, unless given the written consent and approval of the President.

10. Any member who is disciplined or expelled from this organization, has the right to appeal to the Board of Directors of The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

This Code of Ethics identifies the basic principles of conduct that this organization believes to be fundamental to the conduct of a member, but is limited and does not address every ethical situation or dilemma that a member may encounter. Members that are unsure about the proper action to be taken in any particular situation are encouraged to consult with a member of the Board of Directors.


I acknowledge that I have received, read and throughly understand The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Code of Ethics, Rules and Regulations.

I agree to comply strictly with the above stated principles set forth in the Code of Ethics.

I understand that I will be subject to disciplinary action if I violate any of the principles set forth in the Code of ethics.