Induction Requirements As Of January 1997

Associate Instructor of the Year, must be at least a 2nd degree black belt- with a minimum of 8 years of training and a 2nd degree black belt for at least 2- years, and be 18 years of age.

Instructor of the Year, must be at least a 3rd degree black belt with a- minimum - of fifteen years training and be a 3rd degree for at least 3 years, and is- over - 21 years of age.

Master Instructor of the Year, must be 5th degree black belt or above the- age - of 30 years, with at least 25 years of training.

Grandmaster of the Year, not less that 40 years of age and have been- training - for more than 30 years, unless he or she is an inheritor of a system and- have - documentation to prove such inheritance.

Master Weapons/Weapons Instructor, must have at least 10 years as a student- of - weapons instruction.

Competitor of the Year, Inductee's for Competitor of the Year will not apply- to - the above standards.