Mission Statement:
It is the mission of this organization to recognize and support positive martial artists throughout the world. Martial arts should be a part of the backbone of the educational system and should be given respect and support from the community. Martial artists historically have protected those who were unable to protect themselves. This organization is determined to keep those ideas alive and to perpetuate the philosophy of helping the weak overcome their weaknesses and develop into strong healthy citizens. To create a unity of qualified martial artists and instructors of the martial arts and to promote friendship and unity among such members. To promote and advance individual members who are active in the study of the martial arts upon evidence being shown of their skill, dedication, strong mind, body and spirit through a serious study of the martial arts. To license, issue rank and register qualified Black Belt members and Martial Art Schools so that they may progress and receive the respect and recognition they deserve for their dedicated service. To establish a Founder/Sokeship Council with a specific duty to recognize those who have dedicated their lives to developing a style or RYU after lengthy study and preparation to carry on the art and there being no one else capable of such duty. To create an organization of support for the teaching and understanding of the Martial Arts, we do hereby establish The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame.