Each year, The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, offers an opportunity to the public, readers, instructors, parents, children, whether or not they are martial artist who contribute unselfishly to the growth of the Martial Arts. Nomination ballots are sent out all over the world to nominate someone, or as many choices that they so feel deserve the honor and recognition. This worldwide organization was formed for the purpose of bestowing recognition worldwide to those who make outstanding contributions, dedication and consistently demonstrate excellence, and unselfishly promote the growth and prestige of the Martial Arts Way, and have given something back to their communities and the world that they have dedicated their lives to.

We recognize those Students, Instructors, Masters and Grandmasters who have gone before us, and whose lives have enriched and paved the way for others to excel while maintaining the highest integrity and honor for the martial arts and its future. Many contribute and strive on always forward without any recognition or asking for any means of gratuity for their sacrifices. Our purpose is to give that recognition and honor to those who have traveled the path and never take time out to honor themselves. Our honoree candidates are selected by ballots sent in by families, friends, instructors, and students who feel the these dedicated individuals be given recognition for their dedication and contributions for the growth of the Martial Arts. And for the discipline that has enriched the lives of others.

Favoritism, Politics, Origin, Race, Creed and Color do not enter into the selection of an honoree. Candidates are closely screened and carefully selected by their individual accomplishment and achievements in their field of expertise. Martial Artist come from different walks of life and practice varied styles and systems. However, one thing remains the same, that we all seem to share, the love for the Martial Arts Way.